CATALOG: E-Spinner and Spinning Wheels

We are able to offer a smooth and continuous spinning option for both our electric and treadle spinners: Level-Wind Flyers and Bobbins are designed and manufactured by WooLee Winder. The Level-Wind Flyer allows for continuous spinning - the yarn flows onto the bobbins with a smooth and level overlay of fibers. You also have greater ease in plying from Level-Wind filled Bobbins
You can also UPGRADE your Current Fricke Treadle or E-Spinner with a Level-Wind Kit. Install the Kit and enjoy the ease, speed and convenience of this upgrade. Specify if Kit is for treadle wheel or E-Spinner. Level-Wind Flyer and 4 Level-Wind Bobbins $342 plus shipping.
Fricke E-Spinner

Fricke Electric E-Spinner  The Fricke E-Spinner is designed for production minded spinners, or those unable to use a treadle wheel for extended periods. This scotch tension spinner can be used to spin in either Z or S twist. The quiet reversible US-made motor runs the flyer at up to 1500 r.p.m. (no load). Features the ease of a delta orifice as standard. An optional 3/8" round orifice and threading hook is available instead for an additional $15. Kate with yarn guide and 4 bobbins are included. 

Base and optional cover are made of luscious cherry wood sealed with tung oil. Cover makes a compact and attractive carrying case and protective storage unit.  

EXCEPTIONAL PRICE: E-Spinner is $557, or $637 with Cover plus shipping. E-Spinner with Level-Wind Flyer and 4 Level-Wind Bobbins $829, or $909 with Cover plus shipping. 

EXTENDED COLUMN E-SPINNER: This model has a taller column to accommodate our Jumbo Flyer and Jumbo Bobbins. The flyer clip has 11/16" diameter loop. Includes 4 Jumbo bobbins, larger kate, extra drive band, and pad. Price $676. The covers cannot be used with this taller model.

Upgrade your current E-Spinner with this extended column for $140 plus shipping. Parts include Extended Column, Jumbo Flyer and one Jumbo bobbin, 2 drive bands, Jumbo Kate.

Adapting E-Spinners for use with another power source:  You can purchase an inverter for using in a vehicle (or other DC power source). Our motor is 110 v / 100 watt and requires an inverter that handles at least 100 watts continuously. There are 12 v to 115 v AC power inverters advertised for a 150 watt continuous output. These are usually available locally. 

Optional On/Off Foot Switch adds convenience to stopping and starting the E-Spinner so that you can remove trash, etc. from your fiber. When power is resumed, the E-Spinner continues at the speed you were using when power was disengaged.  Version 1 (DM): Keep foot on switch for power ON. Price: $30 plus shipping.  Version 2 (Billy Pedal): Press and release for power ON. Press and release again for power OFF. No need to keep your foot on the switch. Price: $30 plus shipping.


Our Lap Charka is an updated compact version of the Quill Spinner we originally offered in 2001. The Lap Charka is a fun wheel - very portable - take it with you when you travel. With the keel under the base, it rests comfortably in your lap while spinning. Routinely used for cotton, it can also be used to spin silk, other fine short stapled fibers, silk-cotton blends, etc. The quill pulley is adjustable for proper tension and can be swiveled parallel with the wheel to make the unit smaller for travel/storage. The unique single-flange bobbin is 4-inches long and makes a great base for spinning the yarn onto and is easily removed when filled.The base is 11" long by 6" wide and made from our beautiful Padauk hardwood. Comes complete with 4 bobbins, a 5-bobbin kate with yarn guide, and a safety cover for the quill point. 
Lap Charka: $99 plus shipping.

If you want the versatility of a table charka - or to use as a winding tool, you can purchase the unit with the optional clamp. The keel is removeable and you can clamp the charka to a table. With Clamp, price is $106 plus shipping.

FRICKE SPINNING WHEELS are the Best Kept Secret in spinning. You get stress-free treadling and smooth running heel-toe action on each of these 5-speed scotch tension wheels. Drive ratios are 5.7:1, 6.8:1, 8.7:1, 12:1, and 19.4:1

There are double ball bearings on wheel and flyer axels; single ball bearing at footman connection to axle lever. The total height of these spinners is 30 inches; height of orifice is 28 inches. Carrying weight is approximately 13 pounds.

JUMBO FLYER for Plying and JUMBO BOBBINS are available for our treadle spinning wheels and the Extended Column E-Spinner. We offer a KIT that includes a Jumbo Flyer and one Jumbo wood Bobbin for $69. The bobbin holds yarn from two plastic bobbins. Additional Jumbo Bobbins are $40 each. A KIT with a Round Orifice Jumbo Flyer and one Bobbin is $84. Plus shipping on all. 

Fricke S-160 Double Treadle Wheel

Fricke S-160-DT - Double Treadle Spinning Wheel

Another smooth operating wheel, this double treadle version of our popular S-160 is twice as easy to use. Use half the effort and get twice the power of most single treadle wheels. Easy delta orifice is standard; optional 3/8" round orifice with threading hook an additional $15. The frame is made of various hardwoods, such as ash, white or red oak. Wheel is MDF with attractive wood grain finish on both sides. Includes 4 bobbins and a Kate with yarn guide.

Terrific Value: $461 plus shipping.  With Level-Wind Flyer and 4 Level-Wind Bobbins $733 plus shipping.

Fricke S-160-ST - Single Treadle Spinning Wheel

The best kept secret in spinning wheels. This 5-speed scotch tension, 17" wheel has sealed ball bearings for smooth treadling. Flyer drive features the ease of a delta orifice. Optional 3/8" round orifice and threading hook an additional $15. Frame is various hardwoods, such as ash, white or red oak. Wheel is MDF with an attractive wood grain finish on both sides. Heel-toe action with large, wide treadle, includes 4 bobbins and a Kate with yarn guide.

GREAT PRICE: $404 plus shipping. With Level-Wind Flyer and 4 Level-Wind Bobbins $676 plus shipping.

Fricke S-160 5-speed Wheel

Fricke Folding Spinning Wheels S-160-F-DT and S-160-F-ST 

The wheels described above also come in folding versions. The folding feature offers greater ease with portability and travel (see photos below). Easy delta orifice is standard; optional 3/8" round orifice with threading hook an additional $15. Double treadle offers the much desired feature of using half the effort to get twice the power of the single. Same construction as our other models. Each includes 4 bobbins and a Kate with yarn guide.

The regular space that the wheel takes up when open or in use is 30" high (to top of column). 17.5" wide by 17.5" deep (footprint) and 11.5" deep at the 5-speed pulley/flyer level. The space when folded/closed is 30" high, 17.5" wide by 9.5" deep at the base and 11.5" at the 5-speed pulley/flyer level (no change here).

Terrific Value with the Double: $565 plus shipping.  Double Treadle with Level-Wind Flyer and 4 Level Wind Bobbins $827plus shipping.

The Single features a large wide treadle with lots of room for both feet. Great Price on the Single: $498 plus shipping. Single Treadle with Level-Wind Flyer and 4 Level-Wind Bobbins $770 plus shipping.                              

Folding Double Treadle Wheel
Folding Single Treadle Wheel

Extra Bobbins Extra Plastic Bobbins for all Fricke Spinners: $19.50 each.  Extra Level-Wind Bobbins for all Fricke Spinners:  $39 each. Extra JUMBO PLYING Bobbins for Fricke Wheels: $40 each. Plus shipping on all.