CATALOG: Electric "EasyWind" Skein Winders

The Electric "EasyWind" tools are designed for the semi-commercial yarn producer and/or processor - OR for anyone needing motorized assistance in their craft tools. Are your orders beginning to pile up? If cranking is getting tough on your hand, elbow, shoulder, or you are just plain tired of cranking - then the "EasyWind" is designed for YOU. Made of various hardwoods. Each "EasyWind" has ball bearings for a fluid, smooth winding operation. The 1/20 h.p. motors are 1550 rpm (no load). The variable-speed control is also the On/Off switch and runs the motor at the speed that meets your individual need or comfort level. These motorized tools are not automatic and cannot be left unattended when in use. An 8 foot electric cord is attached. On/Off foot switches are also available. These are described in the "Spinning Items" page under the section on our E-Spinner.
The skein winders have 5.75" long straight pegs on each arm; holds a large quantity of yarn. Our quiet ELECTRONIC COUNTER is mounted on each skein winder and a yarn guide is installed on the platform.


The arms on this "EasyWind" skeiner adjust so that the circumference of the skeins can measure from as small as 30 inches to as large as 76 inches. The Pegs-Plus have a 2" flange with a 5/8" lip at the end of each peg. This allows for better retention of yarn to accommodate winding large skeins; can be removed. Skeins are easily removed by loosening and shortening one of the arms to release the tension. The counter pictured is a quiet ELECTRONIC COUNTER that counts once per revolution. Total yardage will depend on the positions of the adjustable arms. Specs: overall length is 35", width 18", overall height 31", weighs approximately 21 pounds. Some assembly required. Ships in two cartons, one very large. Exceptional value - priced at $550 plus shipping. 


This "EasyWind" Skein Winder is available in the standard 2-yard (pictured). Since these arms are not adjustable, some caution is needed when removing a skein to prevent too much pressure on the pegs. Gradually loosen the skein from all 4 pegs before removing it. The counter is a quiet ELECTRONIC COUNTER (as pictured on this skeiner) and counts once per revolution. The total yardage of the skein on a 2-yd skeiner would be double the amount shown on the counter. Specs: overall length is 34", width 16", overall height 31", and weighs approximately 18 pounds. Some assembly required. Ships in 2 cartons, one very large. Bargain priced at $460 plus shipping. 





Electric "EasyWind" 2-yd Skeiner
Our Electronic Counter has 3 parts: The Counter with electronic readout, the reed switch in the block next to the counter, and the magnet on one of the arms. The counter shows 8 digits, 9mm (0.354") high with a long life lithium battery (10-yr). The counter is triggered once with each full revolution. Total yardage of the skein will depend on the size of the skeiner, (i.e. on a 2-yd skeiner, double the readout on the counter) or the position of the adjustment pegs on the Adjustable Skein Winder. Photo shows the Counter positioned on an electric EasyWind Skein Winder
Upgrade a current mechanical counter to this electronic counter for $98 plus shipping. Please specify which skeiner model it is to go on.