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Fricke Signature Drum Carder - The Key to Excellent Carding.

Fricke Signature Drum Carder
This full-size belt drive carder features ball bearings in the large drum and an adjustable small drum. Carding drum has 128 psi card cloth, handles coarse to very fine fibers. Small drum features a self-cleaning licker-in cloth. All fibers benefit from using the brush, thus an attached brush is on each carder. Also includes all tools: adjusting tool, allen wrench, batt picker, clamp, cleaning brush, and mini long nose pliers. Has a sliding hopper tray with a slick surface for ease of use. Crank clears the workbench or table. Made of beautifully grained ash. All wood parts have tung oil finish. Easy to carry at 20 pounds.
Carding drum is 8" wide by 8" diameter; licker-in is 8" wide by 3" diameter, turning at a 6:1 ratio. Footprint is 13" wide x 21" long. Ships fully assembled. Shipping weight 26 pounds.
"Treat Yourself to the Best - Buy a Fricke Signature Carder"     
Exceptional Price at $610 plus shipping.

Fricke Signature Mini Drum Carder
This mini-size belt drive carder features oil-impregnated bronze bushings in the large drum and an adjustable small drum. Card cloth and brush are the same as those used in the standard size carder noted above - just a 4 inch wide version. Great for blending, either colors or fibers! The batt produced is approximately 4" wide by 24" long. The carder rests on 1/2" high non-skid rubber bumpers. All tools are included. Handle clears work table when carding. Can be clamped to a table or work bench. 10 pounds carrying weight. Compare prices of other carders and you will agree this is a bargain buy at $350 plus shipping.


Our carding tools are available for purchasing individually, plus shipping:
    Batt Picker  $ 20
    Cleaner Brush  $15

Fricke Wool and Cotton Hand Carders
A prominent feature of our newly designed Hand Carders is the softer carding area. The base is a special wood - Lenga - a hot Chilean Cherry with a luscious wood grain that stands out even more with the tung oil sealer. The round comfortable straight handle is walnut. Specs: Full size Wool: 8" x 4.5"; child size Wool: 5.75" x 4.5"; Full size Cotton: 10.5" x 3.75"; half size Cotton: 5.25" x 3.75". Each pad has bent wire teeth in a rubberized cloth backing. Spacing is approximately 112 points per square inch for the Wool and approx. 210 for the Cotton. Handle is 4.25" long. As with our Flick Cards, these Hand Carders are the favorites for our fiber artist friend, Sarah Anderson, to use herself and when teaching her techniques as an instructor in various Fiber Classes. Hand Carders are sold in pairs.
Wool - Full size, Curved or Flat - $65 per pair plus shipping.
Wool - 3/4 size, Curved or Flat - $54 per pair plus shipping.
Cotton - Full size, Curved or Flat - $72 per pair plus shipping.
Cotton - Half size, Curved or Flat - $57 per pair plus shipping.

Fricke Flick Cards
FRICKE FLICK CARDS - Teasing with a flick card before carding will align the fibers and give you semi-worsted, instead of the more woolen fiber you get with carding after regular teasing. The flick can also be used to remove debris and most second cuts from fiber before carding, as well as "flicking" out very long fibers to spin on the fold. Total length: 8.75"; a 4.25" long comfortable handle and 4.5" long curved carding area. If you spin directly from the flicked lock, we also have "lap pads" available made from quality leather or heavy canvas that are 8" wide x 12" long. Sarah Anderson, mentor at SOAR, said: "I think the flick carder is one of my most used tools. The Fricke Flick Card is my favorite."
Great prices:   Flick only          $15 plus shipping
Kit #1 with duck canvas pad    $18 plus shipping
Kit #2 with leather pad             $25 plus shipping

Squirrel Cage Swift

 SQUIRREL CAGE SWIFT. Unwind skeins smoothly and easily from the rolling cages. No snags as sometimes happens with umbrella-type swifts. A long slot allows for multiple positions of the cages. Large knobs make it easy to change locations of the cages in the slot to accommodate various skein sizes. Great tool for anyone wanting to change skeins into balls, bobbins, cones, spools, etc. Also used by knitters who just knit from the hanging skein and let it unwind as they work. Specs: overall height 54", 41" from top of upper cage to bottom of lower cage when fully extended. Made of various hardwoods. Some assembly required. Ships in two cartons. Great Price:  $235 plus shipping.